SURN College and Career Readiness Institute 2013-2014 Cohort

The SURN College and Career Readiness is a step forward in developing and disseminating resources, information, and materials to support the implementation of the VA English Performance Expectations.The effort is led by Dr. Jan Rozzelle, Dr. Anne Charity-Hudley, Dr. Jennifer Hindman, and Kerri Mahoney from SURN as well as a team of seven "Power Team" Middle and High School English teachers. Please see more information by following the links below.

October 24, 2013
Due: What is the VA College and Career Readiness Initiative? Online Activity
Focus: What is college and career readiness? Why do students need to do independent choice reading?

December 10, 2013
Due: Text set
Focus: How do you move from reading to research? How do you overcome challenges in implementation? How can the lesson plan be informed by the student engagement research and refined by peer observation with the VTALL Student Engagement Protocol?

February 14, 2014
Due: Strategy Implementation and Lesson Plan
Focus: What do students really need to know and be able to do in order to be successful in college and career? What can we do to support these students?

April 30, 2014
Due: Detailed Course Syllabus: Please email to SURN by April 25 and bring 4 copies with you to the meeting on April 30.
Focus: Revision and Reflection: How do we support students to develop their writing skills? How will we overcome challenges and celebrate successes as we implement new strategies?

SURN College and Career Readiness Initiative 2010 - 2013 Information and Materials

Virginia Senior English Seminar Academy
The Virginia Senior English Seminar course is designed to help students meet the Virginia College and Career Readiness Expectations by engaging students in high-interest, authentic learning experiences. The goal of this course is for students to hone their skills in effective and critical reading, writing, speaking, listening, and collaborating to build independence as learners who are prepared for the challenges of college and career. Please read a full description of the course and its goals from the Virginia Department of Education:

Teachers across Virginia have participated in training to create a discreet Senior English Seminar course to be offered at their school or to embed the principles of the Senior English Seminar within already existing Senior English courses. During 2011-2012, 2 English teachers piloted a Senior English Seminar in Waynesboro, VA and Newport News, VA with support from the project team leaders. Materials from their courses are available on this website. Concurrently, 50 additional teachers attended four professional development days and engaged in ongoing activities to build their readiness to embed the VA CCREs and teach a Senior English Seminar in 2012-2013.

August 2-3 2012: Ten teachers who have received training during 2011-12 and 55 additional English teachers will attend a two day workshop at James Madison University to continue the journey to help students across Virginia meet the College and Career Readiness Expectations.

Senior English Seminar Academy:A Partnership between the Virginia Department of Education, James Madison University and the College of William and Mary
August 2-3 2012 Workshop Agenda

Leadership Team:The project is being led by Dr. Jan Rozzelle of the College of William and Mary and Dr. Gay Ivey of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Anne Charity Hudley, Dr. Jennifer Hindman, Sara Brandt, Katie Ford, Denise Fehrenbach, Kerri Mahoney serve on the lead project planning team.

New! Watch a Video overview of what students' journeys are like in the Senior English Seminar from the Pilot Teachers

New! Watch a Video overview of Sara Brandt explaining just what exactly are text sets!

Resources for Teachers:

High Interest Books read by August 2012 Teachers

High Interest Articles and Multimedia Text

Shared Assigned Reading-- A Question of Freedom: A Memoir of Learning, Survival, and Coming of Age in Prison

Sample Lesson Plans from Pilot Teachers

See new and updated lesson plans in Marking Periods 1, 2, and 4!

Class Documents used by Alumni, Ellen Womble

Text Sets Shared by Teachers

CCRE Summary Statements

Presentations from the Senior English Academy