The Things They Carried
Throughout The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien makes allusions, or references, to places, people, and characters that most people of his generation would understand. Since you are not of that generation, you might not understand his references. When that happens, you can read on and try to figure out the reference, or you could ask someone to help explain the reference. It all depends on how important the reference is.
Here are some allusions to famous cultural events, movies, characters, etc found in the first several chapters you have read. For each one, use research to find out what O’Brien is alluding to. Tell me enough that you could explain it if you have to. If you already know any of these, you don’t have to look them up; just explain it yourself.

Page 4… Bonnie and Clyde (look on

Page 39… The Lone Ranger

Page 40… Ho Chi Minh (use ABC-Clio)

Page 41… Phi Beta Kappa

Page 42… LBJ

Page 49… Scrabble

Page 58… Huck Finn

Page 58… Abbie Hoffman

Page 58… Jane Fonda

Page 58… Gary Cooper

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